This entire time I was convincing myself that I had to let go because it would never happen and that I was most likely making it up in my head. But then on Christmas day (just like some miracle), he messages me and my mind is now lost in translation.

When I read it, I teared up. I didn’t think a stupid short message would  get me to cry. I was so happy when he wrote that because he has never done that before.  Plus, it was so random and I don’t think he did that to anyone else (not that I know of).

I am now back at square one.


Merry Christmas to y’all

I hope everyone is accompanied with joy and love on Christmas day.

I was going to punch my boss in the face…

This morning, I was walking towards the subway when a jogger started running towards me then grabbed my arm.  I was calm because I was contemplating on whether to punch him in the face or scream…

Turns out he was my boss and he was laughing so hard.

What a start to a day…

Day Seven (LATE)

As I was counting down the hours until they landed, I was scrambling to cook and clean the place.  It really did seem like forever but they came home 😀

I am so happy they are home…except it still feels strange.

Today’s a hectic day full of things to do such as:

  • Buy pastries
  • Drop off forms to dentist
  • meet Justine and buy a sweater for Emma’s Ugly Sweater Party (11)
  • Photoshoot with Michael (12ish)
  • Send an email to Buffalo Centre
  • Meet people at Rails at 9pm

Oh man…Tuesday, here I come!

Day Six (late); moving onto Day Seven

Where did the days go? It’s already Day Six of Seven.  I am in love with living alone.

Why is this post a day late? Well, I have to say that I was in a ditch last night.  Not a literal ditch, just a mind ditch which in my opinion is worse. I would have rather been in a real ditch…

I saw the person I was trying to get past–twice and when I see him I see the hopelessness between us.  It’s really quite pathetic but I can’t help that he is so adorable now can I? Haha, okay, no excuses anymore.  I will get over him.  And as I was all frazzled over the fact that we never got to talk, I saw Theo’s ex. And she definitely saw me.  I’m not sure if she recognized me and I didn’t want to ask so I sat there while she was obnoxiously loud with all her friends.  She glanced at me a couple of times and then she whispered to her friend so I’m almost certain she, somehow, recognized me.  I was just feeling really down after that and to top things off I sat alone in a pizza restaurant.  Now, when I saw alone, I don’t mean I was eating by myself. I meant in the entire restaurant, I was the only one in it. Yes, I felt sad, alone and really cold.

Kelly eventually came by and we watched Sixteen Candles together (which was uh-mazing!) and drank a shot of this strawberry flavoured liquor.  I felt so loved in that moment, I can’t describe it.  All I know is that I felt a lot better afterwards.

A Walk to Remember made my evening and then I passed out.

I woke up this morning feeling groggy from a mourning hangover.  But I feel a lot better now and my cheeks are rosy from the cold : )

I think today will be a better day.


Day Five

This will be a very short post due to my human anatomy exam tomorrow. I’m studying and trying hard to not fall asleep! Argh, but the good news is…I don’t feel family-sick anymore 🙂

I feel great–just exhausted. Ciao bella!


I did it!

I saw him but I didn’t wait for him.
I refuse to wait for anyone but those who I know and love.

As they say, “there are plenty of fish in the sea.”